Antique Boats and Motors
RJ's Old Boats and Motors
According to my lovely wife Penny I have been
collecting old fiberglass, wood and aluminum boats
for over 20 years. My collection started when my
son-in-law showed up with a beat up old boat and
pointed out to me that this old boat had '57 Chevy
sides and a '58 Chevy rear end.
Well, you know, I was hooked.
   I have owned a Model A Ford hotrod, a '57 Chevy convertible, a '58 Chevy Convertible and 3 - '56
Ford hardtops. I paid $125 to $225 for these 'special' cars, fixed them up, and sold them for not much
more than I paid for them.

My wife and I currently own Palmer Pools and Spas. Our business takes us all around Iowa doing
service calls and building new swimming pools. I have trained my crew to keep a sharp eye out for old
boats and motors which meet my 'special' criteria as collectible. We are constantly amazed at the
number of quality old boats that are in a state like Iowa that has very little open water.

Penny and I have restored several old wooden boats over the years and currently have a fully restored
1960 Chris Craft Constellation Cruiser, a 1960 Glass Magic Vixen, a  1959 Span America Skiette, 1959
Morphew Daycruiser, 1958 Thompson  Offshore, and a 1956 Shell Lake Fishing Runabout  that are all
complete. These are for sale  along with antique Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, and Kiefaber boat
motors. We have dozens of trailered aluminum, wood and fiberglass boats for sale that are
right and waiting for you
to restore them. It's time for someone else to enjoy my old boats!!
Thompson Off Shore
Glass Magic Vixen
Span America Ski-ette