The 27 Footer
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“Did you hear the newspaper carrier?  Oh heck, it’s after six, I’m gonna get up.  I’m
sure he’s been here by now.  I’ll start the coffee.”

“Okay!”  I yawned as I rolled over.  “Maybe I should cancel that subscription so
we could sleep in on Sundays,”   I whispered into the pillow as I rolled sleepily out of bed.

We ate a leisurely breakfast and were discussing the rest of the day’s
projects (if any), when the phone rang.  Ahh.  It was our friends wondering what
we were up to for the day and that they were looking for something to do.

“Well, I saw a boat in the paper, down on Lake Rathbun, that looks kind of
interesting.  We could take a road trip down there and take a look at her.”  Randy responded to their inquiry.

I flashed him that ‘you didn't say anything to me about seeing another boat in the
paper,’ kind of a look.

“Hey, great then.  We’ll be by to pick you up in about an hour.  Bye.”  He turned to me with a look of … ‘Well, that was slick! She can’t refuse to go
look at this boat, now. We've got friends going along.’

“What’s this about another boat?” I asked.

Randy grinned that grin and said “Yeah, there’s a 1960 Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser in the paper this week.  It’s a 27 footer and sounds like it’s not in
too bad of a shape. It’s on the water and they’re using it.”

“But, we don’t need another cabin cruiser. We still haven’t done any work on the Owens yet.” I pointed out to him. I was still naive enough to think
you only had one boat at a time.

“I know. I know. But what the heck, it’s an excuse for a road trip - and besides Kenny and Judy were wanting to do something, too.  We don’t have to
buy it.  I just want to see it.  It’s a Chris Craft you know, 1960, all Mahogany." Randy gushed excitedly. "I’ll give the guy a call to see if we can take a
look at her today.”

"Sure" the owner promised "I'll be around here to show you the boat." So off we went.   

We arrived at the Marina and met the owner.  He took us on board and I had to admit she was a pretty decent boat. Needing a little TLC, of course.

“How about a ride? That’s the best part of owning this boat.”  said the Captain.

“Oh no, that’s okay. You don’t have to do that.” Randy protested, feeling a little guilty. After all we weren’t serious shoppers… were we?

He started up the port engine "RHUM BUM BUM BUM" she roared and then settled into a
pleasant BLURB  BLURB  BLURB BLURB rhythm. The starboard engine fired up RHUM Baba BUM BUM and then it too settled into a gentle
BLURB, BLURB, BLURB, BLURB. Wow!  What a sweet sound.  Even to me!   

After a nice ride a around the lake we were back in the slip before we knew it.  It was hard not to entertain thoughts of lazy days and nights out on the
water aboard this sweet old boat.

Time to head home and off we went. We loved to road trip with Kenny and Judy and a good time was had by all.

A few days went by before, "Well, Honey, what do you think about that boat?”

I knew it was coming. I knew it! (I do have to give him credit for waiting as long as he did before he asked me. Ha!)  Anyway, a couple of months
went by as we (I) pondered the ‘should we or shouldn't we’ question.  Finally, I gave in. It was October when we finally brought her home. With no
indoor space to put her away in for the winter, we covered her carefully with tarps and lots of duct tape. She would have to wait for her turn in the

After recuperating from his smashed heel caused by a fall from a ladder, it was nearly summer before Randy was sound enough for us to get the
shop cleaned up so we could start restoring our newest cabin cruiser. We spent a year of weekends working on her before we ventured off to the
Mississippi River with her.  

What a wonderful life - living like a river rat!
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