As boat stories go........

We were just finishing up the Span America Skiette, screwing on the last of the shined up
hardware, when we got to talking about a motor for it. Our son-in-law who worked at the local boat
trailer company was getting a new trailer built for it, but we needed a vintage motor.  Randy started
to search the local papers and flyers and stumbled on a classified ad for this boat.

“Well, I didn't see any outboards for sale, yet, Honey. But I did find another boat that interests me.”  
“Another boat? What do we need another boat for?,  was my flashed replay. I should have seen it
coming. Yup. I should have recognized the signs.

In about a week, we found time after work to travel off to take a look at this boat.  It wasn't too far,
probably, about an hour away. She didn’t look too bad. Physically she was very sound. The
gentleman who owned it had started the process of restoring it. He had gotten as far as stripping off
all of the hardware and few pieces of wood molding in places. The small parts were all in separate
plastic bags to help keep things organized. But to me it looked like an impossible jig-saw puzzle.
He said that he didn't really want to sell it but he was getting divorced and needed the money.   

I got a glance of Randy’s face. I could tell, Yup. I could see it in his eyes! He was falling in love,
right there in front of me. He could see this boat all shinny and floating on the lake....  

No wonder this couple was getting divorced. Boats can steal a
man’s hearts!  
I guess that's why they refer to them as "She's".

A price was spoken of but we left without making a purchase.  Randy didn’t say but I
think he felt it was going to be a challenging jig-saw puzzle, too. Also, there was the
problem of where he was going to be able to work on it and store it. Would it fit in the

, a month went by before he convinced me that we could do this project and
we went to fetched her home.  We still weren’t sure that she would fit in the shop.  But
it was summer and it was a boat after all
.  We would figure out something, right?

When we got her home, with a little finagling, we did get her safely under the roof of
the shop.  And there she stayed for a couple of years or better until we needed the
shop for another project.  So we found a storage facility not far away and made
arrangements for storage.  

It was 3 more years down the road when the storage people moved the boat to another
building.  Sometime
, during the next winter, we had a real heavy wet snow that brought
down the roof of that building and crushed down on the boat and a camper parked next
to it.

We headed over to take a look at the damage.  Wow, we couldn’t believe our eyes.  
The cabin roof was crushed down, the starboard sideboard was busted, the boat was
sprung open like a pea pod
. And the axle of the trailer was bowed like a willow in the
wind.  Oh, boy.  We
limped her home not knowing for sure what we were going to do

Once again we were short of indoor space. We were doing work on a 1962 Century for
a friend. So we parked her and tarped her. What did we have to lose?  Well, we could
have a bond-fire!  Oh no. What was I thinking? After all, Randy,
had seen the vision!

Eventually, it was her turn. Now another 5 years have gone by working on her
over our
 However, we have also had a couple more projects going on during these
five years. Randy has had both of his hips replaced and
a brain surgery to remove a
tumor.  Thank goodness
, no complications just recovery time.  

Hobbies are hobbies, and we only do
work on our boats when we feel like it. It stays
fun that way!
 We only have to wire up the motor and finish the bimini and we'll be
looking for a new project.  Which one should we do  next???

This one has been a challenge
, but oh so rewarding.
Trial fitting the bimini top. Then
design the side window
curtains and camper topper.
The beautiful stainless dash with all of
the chrome gauges is set in a
beautifull background of Mehogany.  It
was this dash that saved this boat from
the bond-fire!

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