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 Once again my wife advised me to burn
this over the hill boat. It has been in the
boatshop for nearly 5 years now.  It is
almost complete .

The engine now sits, once again, in her
belly after a complete overhaul and tune up.
It just needs to be wired up.

The bimini is complete to where there is
only the camper top to make.

  Here are some of the pictures that show
what a project this has been.

Besides the work on the boat itself,  the "
restorer",  Randy, has had both hips
replaced and a brain tumor removed over
these past couple of years,
She is a great size for weekenders. Small
enough to launch easy and yet big enough
to be home away from home for a few
days. This boat has a galley with a sink and
running water. The birth is located in the
bow and there is a small room for the head
with a port-a-pot.
There are clear vinyl window panels that
attach to the bimini enclosing the captain
and first mate. There is another piece that
attaches across the back of the bimini that
will enclose the rest of the deck area to
make it fully enclosed.  How cozie!

As boat stories go........

 We were just finishing up the Span America Skiett, screwing on the last
of the shined up hardware, when we got to talking about a motor for it.  
Our son-in-law who worked at the local boat trailer company was getting
a new trailer built for it, but we needed a vintage motor.
  Randy started to scourer the local papers and flyers and  stumbled on
a classified ad for this boat.
"Well, I didn't see any outboards for sale. But I did find another boat
that interests me."
"Another boat? What do we need another boat for?" was my flashed
replay. I should have seen it coming. Yup. I should have recognized the
  In about a week we found time after work to travel off to take a look at
this boat.  It wasn't too far, probably about an hour away.
She didn"t look too bad. The gentleman who owned it had started the
process of restoring it. He had gotten as far as stripping off all of the
hardware and few pieces of wood molding in places. He said that he
didn't really want to sell it but he was getting divorced and needed the
 I got a glance at Randy's face.  I could tell, Yup. I could see it in his
eyes!  He was falling in love right there in front of me. No wonder.......
9 new sheets of Marine plywood,
5 coats of yacht paint in white and red.
New side board and roof eyebrow.
On her side. Preparing to replace the
bottom and side plywood sheeting.
From this to...
The New ceiling panels ,
ready to go on  the cabin
Side board is
replaced and
the 14 coat
Wa-La! New
ceiling all done.
Notice the beautiful Chrome and
Stainless dash.  Here we are in the
process of installing the vinyl cabin
roof material.
283 Corvette Engine