These stories were
penned by
my lovely wife.

My insparation,
and my help mate.

As Boat Stories Go . . .

5:30 AM Sunday Morning

"Honey" Randy asked, "did you hear a car?
Probably the newspaper guy. I can't sleep anyway so
I might as well get up. Maybe there is something in
the paper that we can't live without - like an old car or
boat or better yet a motor for the Span America. We
still need a motor for that old boat."

"Whatever" I mumbled and rolled over for a wake-up

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The Morhew from
Early Sunday Morning

Did you hear the newspaper guy? Oh heck, it’s here
by now.  I’ll start the coffee.”

“Okay!”  I yawned as I rolled over.  “Maybe I should
cancel that subscription so
we could sleep in on Sundays,”   I whispered into the

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The 27 Footerr
Our first ChrisCraft
The Thompson Story
Thompson Off Shore

It was fall and the swimming pool business has us out
closing/winterizing the pools in our area, which encompasses
about 70 miles all around us.
It was on a day of closing pools that we ran across this little beauty.
We had just finished a pool and were traveling around the lake to
the next pool to winterize. There she was sitting along the outer
edge of a marina lot filled with boats waiting to be winterized and
shrink wrapped.
Some one let out a shout "There's a wooden boat over there.  
Looks like a Lyman or a Thompson."  Whoa horses!  Too
late...had to go down a ways and turn around.  We had our
winterizing trailer behind the truck so we had to choose an
opportune place to make our turn-around.
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