the 1960 27' Constellation
Builder: Chris Craft
Model: 1960 27' Constellation

Boat Info:
New transom
New upholstery
110 v AC electricity
12 v DC electricity
Refinished and used personally for 15 years

Motor Info:
Original twin 283 Chevy V-8 engines
w/4 barrel carbs
Engines run great!!

Trailer Info:
Triple Axles - all with brakes
Heavy duty Custom made trailer

Sale Price:
As Boat Stories Go......

6:10 AM Sunday Morning

  Did you hear the newspaper guy?"  I heard Randy ask me. "Oh heck, it’s after six, I’m gonna get up.  I’m sure he’s been here by now.  I’ll start
the coffee.”

“Okay!”  I yawned as I rolled over.  “Maybe I should cancel that subscription so we could sleep-in on Sundays
. I complained to my pillow.

The Rest of the Story "The Connie"